Ash Imagery - Colorado & Philadelphia Wedding Photographer

Colorado & Philadelphia Wedding & Portrait Photographer

Ash Imagery is a film photographer based in Denver, Colorado but working in Philadelphia as well.  Ash Imagery will photograph weddings and elopements in Denver, Colorado, Wyoming, Montana, Nevada, Lake Placid, Philadelphia, the Adirondacks and around the world.  Ash Imagery also offers Boudoir photographer and lifestyle sessions.  Ash Imagery is considered to be a Film Wedding Photographer and a Film Photographer with a unique style and vision.  Ash Imagery is owned by Michael Ash Smith, a portrait and lifestyle photographer based in Denver using film as his primary medium.

This page is designated to convince you I'm awesome in the eyes of my previous clients.  I mean, thats what a testimonial is supposed to do, right?

Julie + Ross.  


Mike's talent with a camera is truly hard to describe in words but his pictures speak for themselves. I wanted pictures from my wedding to tell the story of the day capturing the smiles, the hugs, the tears and the laughter. His use of light and watching for the real moments rather than staging formals produces pure art. The photographs from our wedding are well beyond expectations, in fact, I really never thought WE could look that amazing. They are absolutely breathtaking. I have never looked or felt so beautiful. These photographs are my most treasured possessions to date and I know booking him was the best decision we made for our wedding. Between the engagement, boudoir shoot, and wedding day, Mike made everything SO easy, comfortable, and FUN! On the day of the wedding, Mike coordinated times, facilitated a sparkler exit and honestly took care of me all night, including taking a solid 10 minutes to scrub a stain out of my dress. I seriously can not wait until we are in need of professional pictures just so I can see what incredible photos Mike will capture for us again.

Ashley + Chris.  

The first time I worked with Mike I knew I was going to like him.  It was a cold rainy day and we were setting up for a wedding at the Horticulture Center with one of the coolest couples I had ever met.  Mike was relaxed and completely in the background just capturing shot after shot of intimate detail of this beautiful day.  When the photos came back and were sent out to all the vendors I was completely blown away.  The way he captured so many lovely moments was completely awe inspiring; I knew that I wanted to work with him.  When Chris proposed we knew that we wanted to create a unique experience for our guests and for ourselves and my first email was to Mike.  I had worked with him several times since that first wedding and each experience was so pleasant and just produced the most incredible images; we were prepared to consider another date to make sure he was available for us.


Planning was a total breeze and we were fully confident that he would capture everything we wanted.  When the BIG day finally arrived I was so excited!  Mike showed up, gave me a big hug and with that calm demeanor that he carries, just went about scouting locations, snapping shots and chatting with the friends and family who filled our house.  He talked me through everything (since I have the brain of a planner I tend to overthink) and made sure I knew what was happening and when.  We had briefly talked about how and where we wanted to have photos before the wedding and after an ok from everyone decided we would take full advantage of the crazy beautiful day and walk from our house to the wedding venue.  All the while Mike was there capturing moments of us laughing, smiling, walking and talking; photos of us just being us.  "Formal" photos took place in a park near our house and as the wine blew he snapped photos as small cherry blossoms were floating down on us.  When we arrived at the venue we got to relax and really take in the fact that we were getting married; from that point on it was all a blur.  I never even saw him during the ceremony but he was there taking photo after photo of beautiful and touching moments.  He documented our walks down the aisle; mine a bit less pulled together than Chris', he got our vows to one another and the incredible words that our families and friends shared.  Most importantly he captured the instant where Chris and I looked at each other with my hands in his and shared our first kiss as husband and wife; a moment that went so quickly I barely remembered it.  Mike was there to catch it all for us so that we could enjoy living it.


We are beyond in love with him and the incredible art he was able to create out of our lives.  There are so many future memories that we have to look forward to and can't wait to share them all with him.

Carli + Jesse.  


 I don't mean to be awkward, but I think I love you! No seriously, I am artistically completely in love with you. These are spectacular. 

I was so happy at the big day, but after I started worrying about, did we get one with my sister? Did my boobs look crazy big, am I going have one that I love that I love the way everyone looks ect?  Should I have done a first look and/or one with the flower girls and grandchildren???  I actually agonized over this a bit because some pictures went up on Facebook and I started picking things apart. 

Then I got this slideshow, and I was right back in my happiest day.  I love the way I look, which I know is vain, but I'm not a picture person usually.  I love that I remember what was happening right around each picture and that I didn't even realize you were there for some of my absolute favorites.  I especially love the one where I am hugging my cousin and and the one where Jesse is on the phone trying to convince me to move the ceremony inside, HA!  They are beautiful, but more than that, I don't care how beautiful they are because all I can think about when I look at them is how much I love my husband and my family and my friends.  They, the pictures, are all so alive.  I'm an opera singer, and you have some how managed to make me not be critical of my appearance in photos but to really see that they are more about the story than the bodies.  They are about the tears and smiles and hugs and surprises and bad dancing and all of that. 

You are a very special person, and have a very giving spirit, and I was glad to have that with me on the big day.  I will never forget freaking out because all those people were in the room and I thought we were behind, and you calmly showed me the time and said we were ok.  I really think you were the only calm one there, lol.  Also, when you told my Aunt Angel that you were a professional, i.e. chill out, everyone in my family wanted to kiss you! 

What I am trying to say is thank you.  Not only have you immortalized the happiest day of my life in such a beautiful and artistic way, but you have woken me up to what photography can be.  I'd never taken the time to see how artistically special it could be, and now I want a film camera so I can start experimenting.  Actually any cheap beginner suggestions about a camera or other photographers I should look at would be much appreciated. 

Kelly + Josh.  

Holy.  Shit.  I've felt a bit speechless since I looked through them, but I'm gonna try....

These are incredible.  I seriously cannot comprehend how every single photo is meaningful and beautiful in its own way.  Not a single one is without purpose.  I'm sure it's easier to click away and deliver wedding after wedding but it is so evident that instead of doing that, you truly capture each wedding individually, and it amazes me to see how you captured ours.  You'd think you had known us all for years, the way you put us on film.  Going through them has been like reliving the day - this time without nerves or exhaustion, only with the happiness, joy, and love we felt.  But I'm actually really grateful that some of the photos show our nerves and exhaustion because we never wanted a glossy representation of our wedding, just the true sense of it in all its strangeness and wonderfulness.  I love the photo of Jarrod and Josh practically carrying me up the hill, I love the one of my niece looking grumpy at the end of the reception, I love the one of my maid of honor picking dead bugs out of my veil, and I even love the cake cutting ones where we both have no idea what we're doing, have like 6 chins between us, and forgot to kiss afterward :)  And of course I love the epic Aspen grove ones, the ceremony photos, and the ones from the first dance and father/daughter dance which we will cherish forever.  You either have crazy intuition about what your clients will like, or you just shoot what you like - either way I feel very lucky. 

It felt serendipitous to find you as our photographer - part of the reason why I felt like it was going to work out great.  I'll be honest, it was tempting to go a safer route and hire someone with lots of safe photos on their blog.  Thank god I resisted that. I am so much happier with what you have given us than I would have been with anything like that.  I imagine it's also tempting sometimes for you to take the easier route, but I hope all your clients tell you after they get their gallery that you gave them the truth of their wedding and their love through your art, and that that is a wonderful gift to receive.  

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Anna + Austin.  

Hi Mike,

I can't tell you how wonderful your photos are!!  We truly couldn't be happier with them.  I have never seen wedding photography that so perfectly captures the most beautiful moments.  Far more than photography, what you are able to accomplish is art. 

Thanks for all the wonderful photos. 

- Margaret (Mother of the bride)

Ashley + Jay.

Photographs are such an important part of a wedding.  In time, they become the memory of all the love, joy, and planning that went into that day.  Working with Mike, I couldn't have asked for better memories.  He captured every moment in such a quiet, intimate way that looking through the pictures I actually feel like I'm back in time reliving that day all over again. His work is beautiful and anyone looking through his photos can see what a talent he has, but what may not be immediately obvious is what a pleasure he is to work with.  Throughout every step of the planning process Mike was accessible, professional, and fun.  The day of the wedding, he was fantastic, catching every shot we wanted and many that we didn't even know to ask for. And more than that, he was an advocate for us helping to streamline day-of stress and ensure that our wishes went off without a hitch. Overall, working with Mike was such a positive experience, and having him as our photographer was definitely the best decision we could have made for our wedding day.