Ash Imagery - Colorado & Philadelphia Wedding Photographer

Colorado & Philadelphia Wedding & Portrait Photographer

Ash Imagery is a film photographer based in Denver, Colorado but working in Philadelphia as well.  Ash Imagery will photograph weddings and elopements in Denver, Colorado, Wyoming, Montana, Nevada, Lake Placid, Philadelphia, the Adirondacks and around the world.  Ash Imagery also offers Boudoir photographer and lifestyle sessions.  Ash Imagery is considered to be a Film Wedding Photographer and a Film Photographer with a unique style and vision.  Ash Imagery is owned by Michael Ash Smith, a portrait and lifestyle photographer based in Denver using film as his primary medium.


This is your private client page.  From here you can check to see which products remain in your collection, link to gallery to view and order any prints, album designs/previews, or request your full resolution files.

***This page will be removed when your online gallery expires in 90 days***



1) Access to Online Gallery - GIVEN 6/11/16
2) Download Images (see email)

See below for items available that may not have been included in your collection/package.



Here are the images from your wedding!

Feel free to pass this info along to all your family and friends so they can view it as well. Please take the time to really look at each image. Some images contain little details that can easily be overlooked if viewed quickly.  Every image is fully edited so there is no "proof" gallery where you have to wait additional time for final edited images.  I sincerely hope you enjoy them!

gallery password:  051416dr


I highly recommend printing through your online gallery.  I fulfill all prints from a top rated lab in the country and your prints will look amazing.  While it may be a little  more expensive than printing on your own, it will be worth it in time and quality.


If you do choose to print them on your own I suggest using and if you plan to create your own album I suggest using  These images are completely color corrected so you don't need to check off that box when printing online or just say no if someone asks you if you print in a store.

I highly recommend NOT using an online service such as Snapfish or Kodak Gallery as their printing is mediocre at best.  Also, please don't print at Walmart or Target as their printing is terrible.  If you are going print locally, I would look for a camera shop of some sort.

(If one is not already included in your collection.  If one is included in your collection you are able to upgrade.)

Coffee Table Album:  Thin page, coffee table style, 8.5"x8.5", good printing, affordable.  I recommend this type of album for engagement/boudoir/portrait sessions and some parent albums.

  • 20 page coffee table - $145 ... fits 20-40 pictures.
  • 40 page coffee table  - $185 ... fits 40-80 pictures
  • 60 page coffee table - $225 ... fits 60-120 pictures
  • 80 page coffee table  - $265 ... fits 80-160 pictures.

This is a more affordable option than a standard album AND if you printed each image separately.  

Deluxe Coffee Table Album:  Thin pages, coffee table style, heavy duty fabric cover, 10"x10", great printing, affordable.  I recommend this type of album for engagement/boudoir/portrait sessions, parent albums and for some weddings as well.

  • 40 page - $450 - fits 20-40 pictures.
  • 60 page - $600 - fits 60-120 pictures.
  • 80 page - $750 - fits 80-160 pictures.

    Add $100 for 12"x12" instead of 10"x10""

Wedding Album:  Thick page, heavy duty album, amazing fabric cover (leather is available), highest quality printing I can get, high quality binding, limited lifetime guarantee.  I recommend this type of album for weddings and perhaps a few other types of portrait sessions if you want something super nice.  

  • 8x8,  20 page album.  fits 40-60 images.  $700.
  • 8x8, 30 page album (POPULAR).  fits 60-90 images.  $800.
  • 8x8, 40 page album.   fits 90-120 images.  $900.
  • 10x10,  20 page album.  fits 40-60 images.  $800.
  • 10x10, 30 page album (POPULAR).  fits 60-90 images.  $950.
  • 10x10, 40 page album.   fits 90-120 images.  $1100.
  • 12x12,  20 page album.  fits 40-60 images.  $900.
  • 12x12, 30 page album (POPULAR).  fits 60-90 images.  $1100.
  • 12x12, 40 page album.   fits 90-120 images.  $1300.

***Album previews will be available  for 60 days from the time it is emailed to you.  After 60 days there will be a $50 fee to continue the process.  You have 180 days from the time you receive your gallery to approve/order the album.  If you do not take care of it within that time period you will be charged a $250 fee to continue the process.  I've had too many clients taking a vast amount of time to pick their images***

If you are interested in purchasing an album - or upgrading - please email me at OR and we'll get that process started.