Ash Imagery - Colorado & Philadelphia Wedding Photographer

Colorado & Philadelphia area Portrait & Wedding Photographer

Ash Imagery is a film photographer based in Denver, Colorado but working in Philadelphia as well.  Ash Imagery will photograph weddings and elopements in Denver, Colorado, Wyoming, Montana, Nevada, Lake Placid, Philadelphia, the Adirondacks and around the world.  Ash Imagery also offers Boudoir photographer and lifestyle sessions.  Ash Imagery is considered to be a Film Wedding Photographer and a Film Photographer with a unique style and vision.  Ash Imagery is owned by Michael Ash Smith, a portrait and lifestyle photographer based in Denver using film as his primary medium.

Hyun & Gene | Philadelphia Wedding Photographer

A few months ago, the day I photographed Hyun & Gene's engagement session ... it was dreary, rainy and chilly.  Yet, we still had a lot of fun.  This time around, for their wedding, they were blessed with the hottest day of the summer!  Fortunately we didn't have to go far for the pictures as there were many awesome spots just by the hotel.  In Philly, its the humidity .. and it was definitely out this day.  But it didn't matter .. everyone stuck it out and had a great time.  I probably spent a little too much time in the street though - i was almost run over several times :) Congratulations Hyun & Gene !!!