Ash Imagery - Colorado & Philadelphia Wedding Photographer

Colorado & Philadelphia area Portrait & Wedding Photographer

Ash Imagery is a film photographer based in Denver, Colorado but working in Philadelphia as well.  Ash Imagery will photograph weddings and elopements in Denver, Colorado, Wyoming, Montana, Nevada, Lake Placid, Philadelphia, the Adirondacks and around the world.  Ash Imagery also offers Boudoir photographer and lifestyle sessions.  Ash Imagery is considered to be a Film Wedding Photographer and a Film Photographer with a unique style and vision.  Ash Imagery is owned by Michael Ash Smith, a portrait and lifestyle photographer based in Denver using film as his primary medium.

Change. For The Better.

Roughly 5 years ago I met with with a couple, George & Kris, that wanted to book me for their wedding.  We talked for a few hours about all the normal stuff you would at a meeting, weddings, art, life, and so on.  We bonded over tea.  Yes, tea and cookies I believe.  Unfortunately, due to an unusual circumstance I wasn't able to photograph their wedding.  But a bond had been set and little did I realize how much of a role one of them would play in my life.

Several weeks after our meeting I put out a call via social networking for some help with my business.  I was booking weddings fairly fast and I was in need of an assistant.  I wanted someone with a passion for photography, weddings, film and people.  I wasn't sure who would be interested or if I'd even find someone with the same principles and values as me that I could trust.  

George was one of the first people to respond.  I had met him just weeks prior at the meeting so I knew what kind of a person he was and also his interests.  I knew he would be good for my business.

I was right.  Over 4 years later and he's still on my team.  To this day he's still assisting and 2nd shooting for me.  We have done over 150 weddings together.  We have traveled around the country, witnessed crazy things, and have become great friends along the way.  So it is with great honor that I announce, publicly, that George is now my official associate photographer.

[slow clap]

The guy deserves it.  Yeah, he's lost a few pieces of gear along the way, but the guy is everything you want as an assistant.  Honestly, I was hesitant about making him my associate because I knew he'd be with me at weddings less now!  But its time.  Its time for him to branch out and photograph weddings on his own.  I'm just thankful he's doing it mostly under my name.  I'd miss him if he was completely gone.  

Congratulations George, I'm proud to call you my associate AND my friend!