Melissa + John. A Woodend Mansion Wedding.

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Every year, for me at least, a couple good Saturday dates stay available.  There's no rhyme or reason to it, it just happens.  I will get a good amount of inquiries for those dates but no bookings arise.  Usually its a welcomed break during a busy season.  In this case it was a weekend mid-October.  Melissa contacted me because the photographer she had hired was due to have a baby just days from her wedding date.  The photographer had emailed me earlier asking if I was available still and surprisingly it was - just a few months out.  In one fell swoop I was able to help out a colleague, help out a couple, and also book up a date that had remained open.  It was almost as if it was "supposed" to happen.  

Melissa & John's wedding was held at Woodend Mansion in Chevy Chase, MD.  I had never heard of that venue before and was pleasantly surprised to find it was pretty awesome.  The skies threatened rain all day (typical for this area in October) but fortunately it held off and they were able to hold much of the event outside - which I'm always happy with.

Kelly + Josh. A Beaver Creek Resort in Vail Wedding.

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Remember this amazing testimonial?  

I feel very lucky to get to travel around the country, and sometimes the world, to document wedding days.  I understand the commitment and trust it takes from a couple to trust me with their wedding pictures and basically bring me along with them for their journey.  I truly respect that.  So when I receive proof from clients that I'm doing the amazing job I think I'm doing, its such a wonderful feeling.

That email from Kelly describing the pictures I made for them was incredible.  They didn't have to choose me, to hire me, to trust me, to fly me out to Colorado and put me up at hotel, or to email me following the wedding saying how awesome the pictures were ... but they did.  They chose me to document their day.  They hand picked me from an endless amount of photographers because they saw something in my work that others didn't see.  They connected with it and put their full trust in me.  

And for that, I am truly grateful.

Also, thanks to my buddy Jarrod who 2nd shot for me that day (I included of few of his wonderful pictures in this post) and to Kara from Love This Day Events for making it go smoothly and to Beaver Creek Resort in Vail for a wonderful stay!

Kate + Thomas. A Family Session on Whiteface Mountain in Lake Placid.

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The weekend I photographed this family session was pretty crazy.  I photographed my buddy Matt's family on Friday, then a wedding on Saturday, and then set up to photograph Kate's family on Sunday.  Kate is a floral and event designer based out of Philadelphia and does some killer work.  We started chatting about a year ago to discuss a family session and just kept in touch.  Finally, we were able to nail down a date and she made the trek up to the Adirondacks solely for the session - which I think paid off.  

These guys were awesome.  They were fun, playful, and her daughter had a blast climbing up Whiteface Mountain.  She had a lot of energy and it was on display on the peak.  While that can be a bit scary for her parents, it was gold for me.  I didn't have to tell her, or them, to do anything really.  They just did their thing and had fun doing it.  I was just along for the ride and was happy to be a part of it.

So here it is ... my 2hrs with The Farley Family.

Anna + Austin. A Lake Placid Lodge Wedding in the Adirondacks.

I received the timeline of events for Anna & Austin's wedding at Lake Placid Lodge a few weeks prior to the date and the first line stuck out to me:

8am.  Austin, best man, and father of the groom - fly fishing the west branch of the Ausable River.

What?  Yes, please.  

Even though I wasn't scheduled to start for several hours after that there was no way I was going to miss it.  I didn't care how early it was.  In my head I was having visions of fog and mist, sunlight, fly rods and and an endless amount of trout leaping out of the water and into the nets.  And while that's not even remotely what it was like, I can safely say it was still awesome to experience and I had a blast documenting it.

Following that my buddy Aron and I got some breakfast at a killer diner in town, relaxed for a bit, and then began the day refreshed.  From the time I spent with Anna & Austin at their engagement session last fall, I knew their wedding day was going to be super chill and fun.  It was an intimate wedding at a great venue in Lake Placid - in the peak leaf season - and had a great serving of views, people and pictures.  It was a wonderful, memorable, wedding.